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Press Packet

  How Safe is Your Safe Deposit Security?
(Security Officer/Director Workshop - FULL DAY)

David P. McGuinn

Improve Your System:
The safe deposit area is a pit of hidden liability for any new, experienced, full or part time Security Officer or Director. More and more successful attempts are being made nationwide to fraudulently or illegally enter a renter's safe deposit box.

David McGuinn, a former bank Senior Vice President, Cashier and Security Officer, travels the nation assisting financial institutions with their safe deposit training, compliance and security needs. His security presentations provide the latest information on current lawsuits, internal employee thefts, suspicious activity requirements and how to establish correct vault security procedures.

McGuinn knows first hand what to look for, from the most common errors to the not so common, but potentially costly mistakes. You will receive valuable information that will assist you in reviewing your own internal security procedures. Whether you have 50 boxes or 5,000, this presentation provides a well-organized method of auditing your vault security before a catastrophe occurs.

What You Will Learn:
This program answers many thought provoking questions and will address your concerns regarding the following issues:

  • How long will it take a burglar to penetrate our vault wall?
  • How can you avoid locking anyone in your vault overnight?
  • How can a con man open a lock in 3 seconds, without a key?
  • Why should your vault blueprints always be readily available?
  • How can "Self Service" safe deposit get you sued for millions?
  • What 15 steps should be followed after receiving a bomb threat?
  • Are you leaving anyone inside your vault alone? BIG MISTAKE!
  • How can FDIC or NCUA signs, logos or brochures create liability?
  • Why must phrases like "waterproof or fireproof" vault be avoided?
  • What vault security questions will always be asked in any lawsuit?
  • Plus many recent "safe deposit horror stories."

Who Should Attend:
This informative program will benefit security officers and directors, assistant security personnel, auditors, safe deposit supervisors, vault attendants, compliance officers and your legal counsel.

Workshop Leader:
David P. McGuinn, President of Safe Deposit Specialists, is a former banker with over 30 years of safe deposit experience and is often referred to nationwide as the safe deposit GURU. In 46 states he has trained over 100,000 safe deposit managers and has served the industry as President of the American, Texas and Houston Safe Deposit Associations. Dave is a featured speaker for the American Bankers Association's TV network and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, FDIC, CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC Nightly News on current safe deposit issues. McGuinn has created numerous video training programs and his Safe Deposit Policy and Procedures Handbook is now the accepted standard for the financial industry.
David P. McGuinn
, President

Mail: PO Box 40026
Houston, TX 77240-0026
Phone: 713. 937.9929
Fax: 713.937.7751



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