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   Rich Woldt - CPP, CFE RMLC Owner & CEO... 

Welcome! You're at the  "Risk Management Learning Center" where our cadre of "certifiably "street smart" RM professionals research the latest in RM methods, protocols and procedures.

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Risk Management 007 LLC is our parent company and is our "Community Outreach Site!"

At we pull-it-all-together and translate RMLC research into RM presentations for your family and friends, clubs and associations, neighbors and community leaders.

To my many friends and RM mentors around the world...

 September 2005 marked my 42nd year of pounding the podium to motivate and spread Risk Management wisdom around the world. You have all richly blessed me with a career that's taken me to most cities in the US and countries in the free world. I've been blessed to have worked with so many good friends and  RM professionals. You've all shared your time and experience and in the process you've taught me much about life in the real world. I've learned; "There are no silver bullets" and it will take all of us working together to ensure a safe and secure future for our loved ones.

Now, thanks to the internet, we'll can keep in touch, continue to share, and move out with courage to prepare, protect, and defend your homeland.     Rich Woldt  

 The RMLC  .... Comments & Contributions are Welcome! Click Here!

R&D White Papers.. are written by our faculty to express their personal opinion about some "hot" topic. Most are  ruff drafts used to support RM projects and presentations.


Click on  White Papers  and on      R&D Library   to read white papers and explore our R&D Library!

If you have good eyes, below are some hot links to white papers everyone should read...    

Rich Woldt - White Paper on the RMLC Pyramid Road to Recovery and Abraham Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs!"

Rich Woldt - White Paper on...Risk Management Lessons Learned During Hurricane Season 2005

Rich Woldt - Hurricane (IC):  R&D and White Papers on (Ivan, Katrina, Rita, Wilma, etc.)

Rich Woldt - Sample form for basic damage assessments and incident reports.

Rich Woldt - An Introduction to International Risk Management

David McGuinn: Safe Deposit Box Compliance and Legal Issues

David McGuinn: Safe Deposit Box Security & Liability

Paul Bergee: Contingency Planning Test from The Paid Paranoid

Paul Bergee Business Continuity Planning: Pandemic - Is this Y2K-II?

Paul Bergee Business Continuity Planning: Continuity Central Pandemic Planning Survey Results

Paul Bergee - Pandemic - Is this Y2K-II?

Paul Bergee - BRPAW Event 2-15-06

Paul Bergee - Pandemic Planning Survey Results

Toni Conti - Incident Report on Katrina

Comments and Incident Reports: Note to Reader: "Our policy is to post comments and Incident Reports as they are written once we confirm the source and consider the incident report to be "first hand" and written in "the first person." Agree or disagree, this is the only way we can ensure an upfront and candid research environment. Read these at the risk of being offended."           Rich Woldt

Deep Throat 007... files and faculty white paper are open only to RMLC faculty,   authorized RMLC faculty mentors and law enforcement personnel.

Deep Throat 007:  Katrina Incident Report /04-09-17_news Rich Woldt - release on hurricanes of 2004


Risk Management  Awards & Certifications  


Our RMLC Mission Statement...

"To make the world  safer through more effective Risk Management policies, procedures and practices and to provide focused and entertaining RM presentations, workshops, consultations, and on-site training. " 

Our Strategic Action Plan...

"We'll guide your family, business, association, community, and country through any crisis using internationally recognized Risk Management methods,  the Incident Command System (ICS), and the National Incident Management System (NIMS) as a quality standard!"                             Rich Woldt

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The Risk Management Learning Center. Click on the crazy guy who jumps on tables to motivate the troops....

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Community Outreach Project Center. Click on the rural school house in Door County Wisconsin where my father went until the sixth reader....


Before you enter, take the following tests!


Can you pass this test?

What are the three RM steps?

What are the five RM controls?

How do you measure risk?

Who was the first Risk Manager?

Click Here for Answers!


Can your security personnel pass this TEST?




Can you describe and explain the operation of a "dead bolt" lock, a "dead latch" lock, a "maximum security bolt" lock and a "Jimmy-proof ring and bar" lock?

Can you describe the construction of a "Burglary Resistant" safe and name five UL ratings commonly found on US manufactured safes?

Can you describe the construction of a "Type I, Type II and Type III currency vault?

Can you describe the construction of a NFPA two hour records vault?

Can you give three examples of a "relock" device on a combination safe or vault door?


Can your security personnel pass this TEST?




Have you properly trained all employees on what they should and should not do before, during, and after an armed robbery?

Have you properly trained all employees on what they should and should not do if they receive a bomb threat?

Have you properly trained all employees on what they should and should not do when they receive an anthrax scare?

Have you created "controllable crime scenes" and "defendable zones" for all building occupants?

Have all executives and Board members been trained in what to do to discourage and survive kidnapping, home invasion, and extortion attempt?


Can your security personnel pass this TEST?




Does your contingency plan have a "72 hour Stand Alone" standard that's been tested under fire?

Does your contingency plan comply with the generally accepted standards required by regulators within your industry?

Does your contingency plan have "housing-in-place" and "evacuation" protocols in place?

Are all contingency planners familiar with the "Incident Command System (ICS)" and the "National Incident Management System (NIMS)? 

Pages Under Construction:

These pages will be used as tutorials for teaching the "Incident Command System" to three groups: Group #1 - , insurance Companies, financial institutions, and the business community; Group #2 - business associations, veterans, clubs, organizations, etc.; and Group #3 - school administrators, church leaders, etc.              

View only until they are done. Rich Woldt


Professional First Responder....

V-ICS Tutorial for Incident Commander & General Staff / V-ICS Tutorial for Operations Chief / V-ICS Tutorial for Planning Chief / V-ICS Tutorial for Logistics Chief / V-ICS Tutorial for Finance Chief / V-ICS Tutorial for Staging Area Manager & Unit Leaders


Private Sector First Responder.... Physiological Needs

Insurance Companies, Banks, Credit Unions, Companies/Employers

For...Community Outreach First Responders:

Private Sector First Responder... Belongingness Needs

Business Associations, Veteran Organizations, Societies, Clubs, Etc.

Private Sector First Responder...   Self Esteem and Actualization Needs

Schools, Universities, Colleges, Churches, Etc.



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Rich Woldt  


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Pure Risks: Burglary, Robbery, Forgery, Fraud, Embezzlement, Fire, Hurricane, Earthquakes, Kidnapping, Tornados, Auto accidents, etc.

Speculative Risks: New Job, New legislations, New wife, New Husband, New child, New car, New hairdo...


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