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42 years managing risks taught me... "Risk taking is fun! If you're afraid to take risks, you'll be left behind! Poor Risk Managers should be fired first! Most risks can be managed! Risks are connected to your pocketbook! There are no silver bullets! No one has all the right answers! When you lose touch with the frontlines you lose your ability to lead! 

Growing up on a small farm, I also learned...  "When you hand someone a loaf of bread you feed them for a day; teach them to plant wheat and you'll feed them for a lifetime!"  If you're a member of the University of Wisconsin Risk Management Insurance Society, I pay you $20 an hour to teach me the latest in RM Methods.  

The Risk Management Learning Center is a Risk Management support center for educators and a community resource center for law enforcement, fire fighters, and other first responders during a disaster. 

Rich Woldt
Call me at 608-712-7880 and visit my personal web site at:!

Salute to RMLC Faculty and Faculty Mentors...  
David McGuinn for his research on Safe Deposit box security during Katrina

RMLC Facutly David McGuinn posts white paper titled "Supreme Court Drives Nail Into Self-Service Box Cofin" SD Box Supervisors should read and distribute it ASAP. For more information contact David at Phone:713. 937.9929 Fax:713.937.7751 e-mail:

Professor Dan R. Anderson for his book on managing "Sustainability Risks"

Kill the neighbor's grass, polute his air, or poison his cat and you run the risk of being shot, suied, or both. Do it with the deep pockets of most large companyies and you can add boycotts, humiliation, new regulations, extortion, intimidation, bomb threats, and international ridicule to risks you'd better manage. han you'll be shot and sued. My friend and Risk Management mentor, ---- University of Wisconsin Professor of Risk Management and Insurance Dan R. Anderson has published "CORPORATE SURVIVAL: The Critical Importance of Sustainability Risk Management." Dan's new book will get you actively involved in your own surval. For more information go to or

Paul Bergee for his work on Pandemics and contingency planning.

                 Paul Bergee and his Business Recovery Association of Wisconsin (BRPAW) are conducting focus sessions on Pandemic Risks. Contact Paul for the latest business recovery stategies and pandemic response protocols.

Rich Woldt for his Incident Command support during Katrina, Rita, and fires in USA.  

                 My compliments go out the to Directors of Education at all the US credit union leagues. Their fast action during the fires in the US proved once again the "PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE" phylosophy of the movement is alive and well in the United States.

Rich Woldt for his work on executive protection relative to workplace design,  workplace, at relative to workplace, staging area 

                 My compliments go out the to Directors of Education at all the US credit union leagues. Their fast action during the fires in the US proved once again the "PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE" phylosophy of the movement is alive and well in the United States. 


Click here to reach Dave McGuinn    Click Here to order Dan's book 

Go to and  White Papers to study their research! Rich Woldt 

We're reaching out to make a difference!

30 years teaching Risk Management I learned...

"The best risk managers come from the front lines because experience was their greatest teacher! If you're working 24/7 and won't take an extended vacation you need to be watched! Neighbors will be first to pull you from your pool and first to sue when they fall in! We learn when we study together, make progress when we work together, move quickly when we march together, and recover faster when share!

Based on these universal truths....

I've  launched to translate our Risk Management research at the RMLC into presentations and programs that will entertain and inform any audience. At COPs007 we'll teach your club, associations, church members, and community leaders how to survive the next disaster or terrorist attack.

Rich Woldt

If you don't have anything to worry about, Call me at 608-712-7880 or visit my personal web sit at

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I look forward to seeing you at our next conferences or on our next cruise! 

Click here to meet RMLC CIRT leader for executive protection Tony Conti!

Click Here for a summay of   the 2006 World Credit Union Conference in Dublin Ireland  July 27 -  30, 2006

Thank you credit unions for responding to the fire victims in Oklahoma and Colorado and now those buning in Florida and Kansas! I suggest you download all the tri-folds and discuss them at your next in-house staff training. Rich Woldt

Attention Volunteers who attended the 2006 Western States Volunteers Conference in Las Angeles. Within two weeks of your conference Oklahoma, Colorado, Florida, and Kansas all experienced major wildfires that resulted in mass evacuations.  What you all did to channel victim assistance and support to first responders was commendable. If you've not already downloaded your handouts or shared the fire fighting and mass evacuations instructions with your credit union members, please do so ASAP!  Rich Woldt

ALSO! Feedback in the form of an incident report covering what you did, how you did it, and what you recommend be done next time is very much appreciated and will be posted as a "white paper" for others to read. One or two pages written from the heart is best. I'll simply convert your word document to a pdf file and post it. If you don't want your name or credit union's name posted, use a pen name and write it from the perspective of your job. For example, if your the CEO, internal auditor, security officer, board member, etc. let the reader know that!   Rich Woldt

Please go to: Follow-up Support  The fires are out but I'll leave the following links posted for the next victims!

“Oklahoma, Colorado, Florida, and Kansas Credit Unions please forward the instructions for "Fire Fighting and Mass Evacuations", 1st Responders, Evacuees, and Victim' Response Instructions to your credit unions in harms way! Download Power Point for Training! Rich Woldt

Fire Fighting and Mass Evacuation Instructions

First Responder Instructions Click here!

Evacuee Instructions Click Here!

Victim Instructions: Click Here!

For Incident Command System training power point: Click Here!

Rich Woldt

To add value to my RM workshops, presentations, cruises and conferences, and to express my appreciation to those who took the time to attend, when appropriate, I post session summaries, handouts, and short power point presentations in the section below. These are usually only left posted for 30 days so please download them when seen or they may not be there the next time you visit this site. Simply click on the blue icons below.   Thank You for your continued confidence and support!    Rich Woldt 
U of Wisconsin Risk Management & Insurance Society Presentation Session Summary & Handouts
Business Recovery Association of Wisconsin (BRAW) - Meeting on Pandemic Risks conducted by Paul at American Family White Paper - Paul Bergee

Stop! Before you enter, I must be honest. In 42 years teaching Risk Management  I've learned your first source of Risk Management wisdom should comes from your professional trade associations. By definition, they know your goals, understand your objectives, and are most familiar with the rules and the regulations that govern your decisions. Most important, they are in touch with others who face the same Risk Management challenges. You see, I've also learned there are no silver bullets, no one person or company has all the right answers, and when disasters strike it's a family, your neighbor, or your competitor who'll be first on the scene to offer a helping hand. I recommend you build your Risk Management program on these simple truths, now click here for an introduction to our mentors, click here meet our faculty, click here to conduct your own research, and click here to consider our workshops. And, click here to visit our Community Outreach Center. 



Thank you again for visiting our center. If I can be of assistance please call me on 608-712-7880

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To Report sightings call... their toll-free Hotline at 1-800-THE-LOST® (1-800-843-5678) 24-hours a day

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